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What’s the deal with Asbestos testing?

The truth is no contractor can legally scrape your popcorn ceiling without a test regardless of when your house was built. A test consists of 3 samples taken and analyzed by state certified companies and/or people.  Protect yourself and your contractor by getting the test done.  The cost is reasonable and you will have peace of mind knowing your house is asbestos free before you begin. Please contact me with questions regarding asbestos testing process and popcorn ceiling removal. Tod Haworth (303-792-5437). Do it right the first time!

  • -State certified test: Feel free to shop around. Below is a local company you can start with.

Aspen Environmental
1990 S. Garrison St. Suite #6
Lakewood, CO 80227
Harold Windle

  • For around $30 per sample  anyone can send samples for asbestos testing to companies like Western Analytical Laboratories.  Contact them and they will tell you how to obtain and ship your samples.  They normally email a report within 24hrs of receiving the samples.  If the report comes back ‘none-detected’ you will still need to hire a certified testing company or person to satisfy the state requirements for asbestos testing.

Western Analytical Laboratory, Inc.
12734 Branford Street, #19
Arleta, CA 91331
Phone: (818) 899-0949


Contact Tod Haworth ( 303-792-5437) for questions regarding popcorn ceiling removal etc…