Denver Custom Painting

AtoZ Custom Painting Denver

Brush-N-Roll Custom Painting

  • As you may expect we are well versed in brush-n-roll and utilize it often and as well as anyone. Generally we employ brush-n-roll for interior walls and outside for areas to big to brush and too small to spray. Normally we brush exterior trim.

Spray-N-Brush Custom Painting

  • The first five years I painted I used ‘the quality brush-n-roll people’ as our catch phrase. We brush-n-rolled anything and everything. I learned the qualities and limitations of brush-n-roll. I bought a sprayer, I combined the two methods, I call it spray-n-brush method, the paint is applied with the sprayer, while the paint is liquid it is brushed it into the siding and trim, thus we achieve or retain the penetrating qualities of brushwork. With the sprayer in hand, paint will be added to problem areas that we find on each and every house we paint. Common areas that need multiple coats include 18-24 inches from the ground, concrete or roof where rain-water can splash,areas of wood and/or siding that come raw during preparation, areas where the past painters’ coat may be light. When the finish coat is applied these areas have multiple coat thickness. It is a brush coat… I just don’t have to dip in a can.

Back Roll Custom Painting

  • This method is similar to spray-n-brush technique, the sprayer applies the paint and the roller is used to work the paint into the substrate. Employed for large exterior surfaces including siding, concrete, cinder blocks, brick, stucco, rough wood or siding and new interior texture.

Sprayed on Finish Custom Painting

  • A painting job done right with a sprayer will exceed the quality achievable using brush-n-roll method. More preparation is required most of the time. For instance when we paint full interiors walls, trim, doors and ceilings it tends to be 85%-90% preparation and clean up and 10%-15% painting. We use a fine finish tip that produces a 3-6 inch wide layer of paint, perfect for almost all interior/exterior house painting projects. The finished product leaves you with taped straight lines and a brush-free finish that is visibly superior to other methods, especially on doors, interior trim, cabinets and especially the trim to wall color change and the wall to ceiling color change. During this process, it is relatively easy to add layers both inside and outside to areas that need multiple coat thickness.